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Vending World is a renowned national distributor of used and refurbished vending machines with over 50 years of experience in the vending industry. Their proficiency in the field is reflected in their impressive title as the largest seller of vending machines in California, a record they held from 2005 to 2021.

Vending World maintains a large inventory of refurbished vending machines. If customers require more machines than are currently available, hundreds of additional machines are awaiting refurbishment.

Located in one of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the United States, Vending World is headquartered in a spacious 12,000-square-foot facility in Rancho Cucamonga, California.

Their parent operating company, Amusement World, Inc., has earned a favorable rating from the Better Business Bureau of Southern California.



Vending World refurbishes vending machines, giving them a new lease on life. A-rated machines undergo a thorough cleaning, sanding, and painting in low VOC paint to provide a semi-powder-coat style finish. New signs, side decals, buttons, and light bulbs are installed as needed. Rebuilt coin mechs and validators are also installed and tested with actual products to ensure proper vend under load. Snack and food machines undergo a similar process, with Tuffronts replacing outdated vinyl on the front. B-rated machines have been refurbished by suppliers, such as major bottling companies, within a year or two of being sold to Vending World and have generic graphics or are in decent condition. These machines are generally cleaned and tested with cans to ensure proper vend, and rebuilt coin mechs and dollar bill validators are installed. These machines come with a standard 60-day limited warranty and usually do not have new signs, buttons, or side decals installed.


Types of Machines

  • Soda Beverage Machines
  • Candy and Snack Machines
  • Can and Bottle Machines



  • Flat Rate Repair: Vending World provides a flat rate repair service for various vending machines, which covers both labor and parts for common repairs. The flat rate repair service is an affordable and efficient solution for customers who want their vending machines fixed without incurring additional expenses. 
  • Credit Card Reader Capable: Vending World offers vending machines that are equipped with credit card readers to allow customers to make cashless payments. The credit card reader can accept payments from major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, as well as mobile payments like Apple Pay and Google Wallet.


Vending World Vending Machines Reviews

“Mr. Ajax, We received the vending machine that we ordered off of eBay and wanted to say thank you. Although we have not put any product in the machine yet, we are confident that the machine will work with excellence and in turn, help many of our scholars go to Washington D.C. each fall. I must commend the delivery company who not only delivered it earlier than the April 21 promised date but went the extra mile and brought the machine into our cafeteria and placed it right where we wanted it. We were so grateful for this! Thanks again for your service!” – David T. on Vending World


“Randy, Once again thank you so much for all of your help. I had dealt with several vendors before you and your customer service was by far superior and the deciding factor for me buying from you. I truly appreciate everything you did to make my purchasing process easy for me. It was a pleasure doing business with you.” – Judy Y. on Vending World


“After 30 years in the vending business, I have always been pleased with Vending World. Our company purchased over 100 machines over time and never had a complaint.” – Blue Moose Vending Mgt on Vending World


“Greatest vending machine dealer in the USA, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! A+++++” – Mike T. on Vending World


“Excellent customer service from beginning to end. I can’t say enough good things about them; nothing is too much effort, and all delivery and installs are done at my convenience rather than theirs.” – Stephen S. on Facebook


“From the beginning to the end, dealing with Vending World has been fantastic. Excellent snack machines that are simple to maintain. They provide excellent customer service, and I heartily endorse them.” – Ivonne S. on Facebook


“We had a terrible experience with our prior vendor, so it’s amazing how Vending World has improved everything. Excellent snack and service. Thank you to the Vending World staff; please keep providing excellent service.” – Florence R. on Facebook


“I have been using Vending World for over a year now and have been extremely satisfied with their service. The machines are always in good working condition and they have a great selection to choose from. Highly recommend!” – Declan M. on Facebook


“I think they are pretty awesome. My husband just started designing his “man cave” in the basement, so I wanted to help out. I bought a great vending machine from vending world at an outstanding price. They are definitely the best around!” – Abbey R. on Site Jabber


“This firm deserves so much praise. I have had nothing but positive experiences with these people from the beginning to the present. Very pleasant to deal with and always willing to offer guidance. They have mastered their craft. It is very good to find a business in the modern era that offers such excellent customer service. Don’t waste time looking elsewhere! I highly suggest.” – Olly G. on Google


“Excellent machine with a wide variety of items and excellent customer service. Very professional personnel, always considering feedback from employees to see if they can increase the number of goods in the vending machine to meet their demands. There is no better business than Vending World to purchase your vending machine from. Wonderful people and great devices.” – Hayden D. on Google


“Great company, easy to deal with, support service is super fast. Been a Vending World client for more than three years. Never had a problem with them, and their goods are dependable; in fact, we recently replaced our snack maker.” – Lewis P. on Google



You can view Vending World’s YouTube channel at

The video below by Vending World talks about “Understanding Glass Front Merchandiser Vending Machines.”


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  • The absolute best vending machine locations
  • How to win new vending machine locations/accounts
  • Key rules such as the 30/30 rule that are critical to your success
  • The #1 mistake new vending machine businesses make
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