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Global Vending Group, Inc. has over 30 years of combined professional experience as a world-renowned distributor of vending machines. They offer a vast inventory of new, refurbished, and used vending machines at low prices and provide expert service to their customers to ensure their success. 

As a major player in the vending machine industry, they have supplied machines to reputable companies, including Walmart, Whole Foods, and Days Inn.

Committed to excellence in all aspects of their business, Global Vending Group aims to be a one-stop solution for vending machine sales, support, parts, and service. They provide a comprehensive selection of top-quality vending machines and parts at great prices, including leading brands, such as Dixie Narco, National, and Saeco. All new machines come with a full manufacturer’s warranty, and used machines are covered by a 120-day warranty on parts. 

Global Vending Group strives to be a valuable partner in their customers’ success by providing exceptional service and support.



Global Vending Group, Inc. offers a wide range of vending machines available in new, refurbished, and used conditions, making them affordable for business owners on a budget. The machines are available in different sizes and styles to suit any location, from small offices to large public spaces. The machines they supply are designed to be user-friendly, making it easy for customers to access products and complete transactions using cash, credit cards, debit cards, or mobile payments. The machines are easy to maintain, and Global Vending Group’s knowledgeable and experienced technicians can resolve any issues quickly and efficiently.


Types of Machines

  • Coffee vending machines
  • Cold food vending machines
  • Combo vending machines
  • Snack machines
  • Soda machines
  • Change machines



  • Inventory Management System: Global Vending Group utilizes an inventory management system for their vending machines to ensure that products are always stocked and readily available for customers. The system tracks inventory levels in real time and alerts the company when a product is running low or out of stock.
  • Exceptional Design: Global Vending Group’s vending machines feature an exceptional design that combines functionality and aesthetics. The machines are designed to be user-friendly, with easy-to-navigate menus and intuitive interfaces. They are also customizable, with options to add branding and graphics that reflect the business or location where the machine is located.


Global Vending Group Vending Machines Reviews

“I am in Florida and needed a machine right away. Jay helped me get my order in, and set up what we needed to be done and it was delivered and helped us plan the prices and sizes for us. Now it’s up and running.  All done within 13 days!  Took 2 other companies, within my state and one neighboring state, a week to even call me back or help me. One didn’t even know if they had any avail and was not sure if there will be one. Jay was right on, spoke to me, called me back, and my problem was solved!  Thank you!! I would highly recommend this company, very prompt, and very professional and every employee is like that on the phone! Call them, don’t call anyone else.” – Melinda H. on Facebook


“Ordered a part in the afternoon and two days later I was surprised to have it on my doorstep. Couldn’t be happier!” – Andy W. on Facebook



You can view Global Vending Group’s YouTube channel at

The video below features the “Global Vending Group Inchy’s Bookworm” vending machine.


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