Vending Machine Pricing Calculator

vending machine pricing calculator

Items that you sell in your vending machines will have different markups. For example, the following markups are common in snack and beverage vending machines:


  • Canned soda/soft drinks: 3.5X markup
  • Bottled soda/soft drinks: 2.5X markup
  • Energy drinks: 2X markup
  • Bottled water: 3.5X markup
  • Tea: 2.5X markup
  • Coffee: 2X markup
  • Gatorade/Powerade: 2.5X markup


  • Regular size chips: 2X markup
  • Small bag of chips: 2.5X markup
  • Cookies: 2.5X markup
  • Candy: 2X markup
  • Pastries: 2.5X markup

In the calculator below, enter the wholesale price (i.e., the per unit price you can buy the item from a wholesale club like Costco or Sam’s Club or on sale at a supermarket) and then the markup amount mentioned above (e.g., if above it says “2.5X markup” then enter 2.5 into the markup field) to find the price at which you should sell the item.


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