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Why You Should Start a Vending Machine Business Today

  • Strong Profit Margins: you can buy a can of Coke for 40 cents and sell it for $1 or more
  • Low Startup Costs: you can get started for less than $2,000
  • Solid Cash Flow: each of your machines can gross $1,000 or more per month
  • Simple to Manage: you can start with no employees and the business is simple to run
  • Takes Little Time to Operate: you can run the business in just hours each week
  • Flexible Hours: you are able to set your own hours
  • Recession Proof: even when times are bad, people always have a dollar to purchase a soda or snack
  • Easy to Grow: you can reinvest your early profits to grow your business to whatever size you choose
  • Minimal Risk: the success rate in the the vending machine business is above 80% (Source: VendSoft) while in other businesses it’s less than 10%.
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